Rajesh Singh, has been involved in training, coaching and consulting for more than 12 years with the intention of dramatically increasing profit, productivity, and the performance of people. Prior to starting his training venture Ashwamegha Training Solutions he has been a faculty of Event Marketing and Sponsorship for over 4 years with Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Welinglar’s and Vaze College of Management. Academically, he holds a M. Sc. Biotechnology degree.

Later, he joined the corporate world and gained experience in behavioral excellence and IPR Skills he has been training in industries viz. Heavy Equipment and Automotive, Finance and Banking, Fashion-Chain Wholesale and Retail, Property Development and Hospitality, Telecom and Consumer Durables.

Some of the clientele viz. Escorts Tractor Division, Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd. (TAFE), Volks Wagen, Mercedes Benz, Godrej, Skoda Motors, JP Morgan, Rich Graviss, Aditya Birla Group, Manipal Global, Essel Group, HDFC Bank, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra and many more…

Professionally, Rajesh  is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnotherapy. Perfect and powerful methods of intervention that have provided a new, efficient way to accomplish accelerated behavioral change. Rajesh was personally trained and certified by Dick Mc. Hugh and Dr. Sunny Satin, Direct Students of the creator of NLP Richard Bandler (Founder of NLP) and Dr. John Kappas (Father of Modern Hypnotherapy).  Rajesh  is a certified Teacher of Clinical Hypnosis for Personal and Behavioral Excellence with & by the California Hypnosis Institute of India the only channel partner of International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA, USA).

Through the experience from this branch of human psychology studies, Rajesh  understands better the emotional connections for communication for work, business and even personal lives. The effects are just marvelous with better working relationships at workplace, more confident managers when speaking to an audience, developing leaders through understanding the internal motivations of people.

Rajesh  is a trained leader working in the field of Accelerated Human Change. He uses Accelerated Learning and experiential learning in all the trainings and speaking engagements for guaranteed, rapid and effective results required by today’s top corporations and management.

Today, he trains a wide range of management and communication programs owing to his  wide exposure to various industries. Rajesh  is passionate in inspiring lives and transforming people. Because of the dedication, he is well known for his  highly-charged, energetic and power-packed training sessions.

Professional  Experience & Training  Milestones

Have been Trainer faculty for Clinical Hypnosis with California Hypnosis Institute of India since 2006 for three of their following levels of hypnotherapy, behavior and health modules

Level-1: Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnosis and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
Level-2: Advanced Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions
Level-3: Advanced Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions
Have been on esteemed panel of trainers for children memory and focus sharpening and child academic performance and exam anxiety management, with International Academy of Life.
Have been a guest faculty in XIC, Wellingker Management Institute and National School of Events of Event Sponsorship and Marketing over 3 years (2003-2007)
Early Development Program Consultant Through Seminars Model of Educational Technologies Ltd. (Singapore based venture partner of TIME – LIFE Group, USA) for children between age group 5-10 years.
Training Associate with Royal Tours Pvt. Ltd. For School Contact Programs for Over all development of children for Early Behavioral Programming, Memory Recall Improvement and Exam Anxiety Management


Some of His Training Certifications:

Certification of Behavior Therapies and Clinical Hypnotherapy California Hypnosis Institute, USA
(Licensed by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine)
Certified Advanced Neuron Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Timeline Therapist (Creative Patterns of Personal Change) In a course hosted by Retreat House and Trained by Richard P McHugh
(Richard Bandler’s Format of NLPs)
Certified Trainer for ASDC module of Road Safety and Driving Improvement with Service Excellence Module Developed for Automotive Skills Development Corporation (ASDC) initiative of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) Certified by Motor Education & Training  Association Pvt. Ltd. (META)
Professional Member International Association of Teamwork Facilitators (IATF)
Student Member
(Attended BLHP LAB Feb-2012)
Conducted by Indian Society for applied Behavioral Sciences (ISABS)
Certified Holistic Stress Management Expert KEVALA, UK
Over 1000 hours of other small workshops and courses in to Reiki, ESP, Regression Therapies, Core Competency Training Program for Behavior Excellence by CHII, Self Esteem Coaching, Quantum Physics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Handwriting Analysis, Acupressure… more…


Competency Specialty Areas: His most popular courses are in the areas of
Interpersonal Communication and Team Bonding
Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills for Workplace Synergy
Self Enhancement and Goal Setting (Unleashing PEAK-Potential)
Unleashing the Leadership Within – Leadership Coaching – Team Leading and Conflict Handling
How to influence People and Communicate with Great Rapport
Sales Warrior: I can sell – Personal Confidence in Sales
Enhancing Your Influencing Skills through Effective NLP
Superior Customer Service (Customer Service Excellence)
Applying Emotional Intelligence at Workplace
(Dealing with Anger | Fears | Insecurities and Stress)
Entrepreneurial Excellence and Business Expansion Skills
Holistic Stress Management and MIND SPA Experience
Stress Management through Music (Corporate Drum Circle)

Outbound SPA – Stress Management
Corporate Drum Circle
Outbound Fear Management and Self Barrier Breakthrough

MIND Over Matter Module
Fire Walking, Metal Rod Bending, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, White Water Rafting and Breakthrough Activities
Fear Factor | Corporate Survivor | Murder Mystery | Night Jungle Treasure Hunt etc…

For School and College Students
Memory Enhancement
Exam Anxiety Management and Recall Boosting
Outbound Fear Management and Breakthrough Confidence Boosting
Summer Camps (Out Station and In city/School Premises)
To date, Rajesh has trained more than 25,000 people from over 50 national and multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific region. He has also designed, trained and developed programs from the senior management to other  levels.

He trains in over 20 cities in India up north and west region and trains in English, Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi Languages.
His quest for continuous Human & Talent Development promises highly energizing and power-packed training style. He helps clients transferring knowledge into ready-to-use skills.
His Promise to you:
“My sessions are very practical and experiential. Knowledge without skills is futile. Give me the day and I will transfer all that knowledge right into your skin. So by the end of your training with me, you walk away having the skills ‘installed’ into your system; ready to use!”